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(( lol I forgot about this soz ))

The wall ahead of them began to crumple, and a large figure stepped through the wreckage. It resembled a large lizard, standing on its hind legs. It was about twice the size of two men, and had mechanised pumping cylinders running across its spine. Like a cybernetic Wyveen, without wings.

"Looks like one of the experiments in this underground facility got loose..." Wolf muttered. "Lets finish this quickly!"

He activated his device. His armor began to shift mechanically, untill he was in his Dark Valefor form. His large Revolver turned into the signature Gunblade-like weapon.

He leaped towards the monster and began jumping from limb-to-limb, swiping his blade across the thick muscle of the monster. He leaped up into the air and fired as many bullets as he could whilst in mid air.
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