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Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post
Just a random thought, and I'll admit, has little solid backing.

Anyway, is there a chance that Bastila actually left the Jedi Order before the events of TSL? It would explain why she never went to the Conclave of Katarr and became snack time for Darth Nihilus, why Kreia (and the Exile) never added her to the gathering of Jedi (either the EH or DE, though she would have less purpose in the latter), among other things.

Why would she leave the Order? One possibility: Satele Shan. If this individual is a direct descendant, then Bastila had a child, and that could be a legit reason for leaving the Jedi Order.

Weak premise, I know.
Well, actually that has been my thoughts as well. That Satele Shan is descended not only from Bastila, but Revan as well if you catch my drift.

However, it seems Han Solo who likes my family's NFL nacho chips recipie gave me a similar response:

Originally Posted by cire992 View Post
I have to double-check this, but I'm pretty sure Luke's last name is Skywalker, not Amidala. So... yeah. If that chick from the TOR comics has anything to do with Bassie, then someone's got some real creative retconning to do.

As for your original question, I don't think it was ever mentioned what she was doing. Maybe she got stuck in traffic on her way to the meeting, or her alarm clock didn't go off. Heh, who knows.
Time will only tell, right? I'd say while I have my theory, well, that's just what it is.

Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
They use the Gregorian Calendar in those regions of the galaxy now?

Strange way to come to an end for a Jedi, but hey, if destiny calls, who are you to ignore the call of a fryer, right?

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