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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Great stuff! - I was very impressed by your Juhani head, it was very high quality work The above heads look great too, as does the clothing model for Luke - you've matched it to his Bespin attire very well.
Thank you very much. I'm working on Juhani 2.0 with hair! How awesome would that be? I'll be posting screenies of the problems with that in a few.

Originally Posted by purifier View Post

I'd say you've come a long way in a short while Miro42.

Nice work and it is awesome.
BITCHIN! indeed.

Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Is it just me, or is that zabrak head kinda sexy?
Nope, it's me.

Originally Posted by Ogriv83 View Post
Im really liking the Zabrak heads.
I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
Yesssssss. If there was one mod i would have for TSL it would probably be some variation on that bespin uniform I think i love you.

The head is cool too of course
I finally got TSL working on Vista again so hopefully it'll be there too. I based it off of the Powered Light Battle Armor (I think that's what it's called) and I do remember seeing it in TSL recently so here's hopin'!

Originally Posted by Demongo View Post
Oh WOW! Those models are amazing!

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Nice work Miro!

Kinda jealous here, you picked up that method of Setto so fast and used it beyond for your own mod ideas! Bravo!

Looking forward to more of these creations, oh, its nice to hear you're teaming up with RedRob. Two gods teaming up, can't go wrong
Stop, you're making me blush.

Originally Posted by -DK- View Post
I approve of any successful character models.
I approve of Nachos!

Originally Posted by Rinku View Post
Very nice!!

I love Luke's Bespin outfit that will have a definite spot in my override when it comes out keep up the good work
Good to hear and I will!

Originally Posted by darth-me View Post
Do you know what the Luke Besbin outfit is going to replace? Great work here!
I actually haven't thought it through that far. Right now it's just a swap of g_a_class7003, on the small model. I suppose while I'm waiting for redrob41 I can look into those options. Thanks for reminding me!

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