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Hank heard a woman's voice inside of his head but he didn't know who it was or how she got in his head...but he liked it. As he regained control of his head, his eyes caught hold of Wolf. His revolver turned into a some odd bladed gun and he was destroying the lizard creature. He then turned to see Ming, and lucky for him he had goggles on or else he would have went blind from the brightness of the glow. He looked down at the grenade in his hand and than smiled as he looked up the lizard again. He looked over to Akira before taking off.

"You might want an umbrella."

Hank ran at the lizard and jumped onto its back. He leaped towards the neck and held onto it with his arms and legs. He reached out with one hand and grabbed at the beast's nostrils. He gave them a hard tug and began to pull the lizard's head back. He took the pin off the grenade and shoved it into the its mouth, doing his best to avoid the teeth. Now with both hands He pulled the lizard's head back in an attempt to make it swallow the grenade. He was thrown to the side and hit the wall. Hank quickly jumped away from the beast.

"I'd move if I were you both, ol bad breath over there is about to get a real bad case of indigestion."
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