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Samorost 2:

The Neverhood:

Layton And the Diabolical Box:

The Last Express:

Also Of Note: Layton 1, The Whispered World, Myst and Definitely Riven, Nellie Cootalot (Indie but quite atmospheric and fairly well designed), The Quest for The Rest, Mysteries of Time and Space, What Makes You Tick (Again, Indie but Well Done, and A Sequel is on the way), Ben And Dan 1 and 2, Anything By Humongous Entertainment, Penny Arcade Adventures if you're into Adventure/RPGs. From an enthusiast standpoint I tend to prefer Point and Clicks, and 2D or Visually innovative ones at that, but the Myst Series is absolutely perfect in concept, and The Last Express is one of the absolute best designed games I've ever played. /Wall Of Text.

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