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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
Coruscant Entertainment Center

The Brush and Palette For Words That Are Gone Unsaid

NonSW fiction: A dissertation on obsession.

The piece is good in a very disturbing way. The main character is obsessed with this young girl, and the scene stark as it is, revolves around her and the feelings she creates in the viewer.
Thanks for the review Mach, but I don't think I put across the idea as well as I could have...

The main character isn't obsessed with the young girl (cause let's face it, that'd be just creepy and weird) .. He's obsessed with this gothic woman who reminds him of the painting of the young girl in the room. What the idea of the painting represents: darkness, being alone ... you know .. all that jazz.

The woman reminds him of that painting and he combines the two, per se, and tries to understand what he's feeling for the gothic woman and to understand why she is the way she is... if that makes any sense what so ever.

Thanks again for the review

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