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The monster moved swiftly, but Akira moved faster, reaching cover and plotting a firing solution, almost completely on instinct. Adrenaline pumped through his vains, he wasn't the awkward 17-year-old at that moment, but the soldier that Yamamoto had trained him to be.

"You might want an umbrella."

Akira chuckled, "Heh, a comedian."

He lifted his rifle skyward, so as not to fire at Hank as he tried to stuff the grenade down the lizard's throat.

"I'd move if I were you both, ol bad breath over there is about to get a real bad case of indigestion."

Akira nodded, and almost gave the sarcastic remark 'no joke,' but he decided not to, out of self-control.

He kneeled, putting his arm over his head and ducking.

Then he heard the deafening boom of the grenade and felt a shockwave shake him and his cover. When he opened his eyes to view the situation, he saw that all the ground around him was covered in a bluish-green slime.

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