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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post

Submission to the Getting the Crystals contest.

During the Mandalorian wars: A prisoner is released by Malek to pursue her destiny at his command.

The story is good, it flows well, and the gaining of the stones is well done. Turning itís own spines against it was a good move, though it could have been immune to the poison as most venomous things are.

Another I would have voted for.
Thank you. I thought about the critter being immune to its own poison, so I had her thrown the spine in a way that pierced its brain. You're right, though--I should've made it clearer. >_<

Oh, well. That's what I get for finishing things at three in the morning.

Chapter 12 of A Soul Adrift is out.

Short stories:
T'katlu: On the planet Felucia, a young apprentice of the Dark Side thinks back to the beginning of her training as she lies in wait for her prey...

All the Time: After four years in the Unknown Regions, the Exile returns to the known galaxy to visit an old enemy.

Broken: A master of the Dark Side finds himself about to lose the one thing he cares about--and he will do anything to stop her from endangering herself.
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