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Thanks Miro, I got the new model you e-mailed me, and the uvw map looks much better. I've moved it around to fit it all into the square, so I can start skinning soon.
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Do you know what the Luke Besbin outfit is going to replace? Great work here!
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I actually haven't thought it through that far. Right now it's just a swap of g_a_class7003, on the small model. I suppose while I'm waiting for redrob41 I can look into those options. Thanks for reminding me!
I'd suggest the scoundrel normal clothes (PMBB.mdl). That way, you only have to do all that extra model and uvw work for the small female. If you wanted to make it an armour, you'd also have to do all that work for the medium and large models (that's 4 times extra work!). Plus, then I'd have to re-skin for each armour .

With the normal clothes, I'd re-skin a clean version and a battle damaged version.

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