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Lol. Nobody is forcing you to buy DLC so what does it matter? Especially given that there's nothing in any of the announced DLC that is critical content missing from the game. You could maybe argue something about Shale given that he's an extra party member, but that was cut content that wouldn't have been in the PC release if they had stuck to the original March-ish release date that they resurrected and are giving away free. The Dragon Armour is pretty useless, but again it's free so there's nothing to complain about. Speaking of the original release date, that's the thing you really have to remember. None of this stuff would have been "day 1 DLC" for the PC version if it had come out when originally intended. It would have been 6-8 months after release. The only reason it's coming out on day 1 now is that EA made them hold back the release. Does it suck that they held it up? Absolutely. It has no bearing on DLC though.

I'm pretty sure if Obsidian did exactly the same thing for AP you'd be lapping it up.
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