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Ok. Bare with me.
I think Kreia is Bastala.
I shall endeavour save you to some extent from the imminent pwnage heading your way by responding in a civilized manner:

1. Didn't bastila train Revan last?
No. I doubt Bastila ever trained Revan at all. Even if she did, Revan, after regaining all his memories, went to Kreia at Malachor V just before he disappeared into the unknown regions.
2. That would xplain why she wasn't on the list of jedi.
Maybe she was really good at hiding? Another possible reason could be that the Jedi that the Exile looked for in TSL were all masters on the council that banished her. Bastila was not on the council, let alone a Jedi Master.
(far fetched) that may be why she couldn't walk on Korriban. That ( besides t3's little message) is the only time shes mentioned! The only time she's not around.
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying...
Bastila couldn't go on Korriban in K1 because she wouldve been immediately recognized by the sith.
Kreia couldn't go on Korriban in K2 because she claimed that it was hard to "center herself" there. (Personally, i think it had something to do with the fact that she was actually a Dark Lord. Perhaps Korriban's dark energies may have messed around with her alignment cloaking abilities)
4. She could look old from evil. Like palpatine.
Their faces are completely different. The dark side messes with your skin, your complexion, changes the color of your eyes, etc. As Far As I Know, it doesn't change people's bone structure.

Judging by the wording you've put under "Current Game", i take it you've finished playing k2 at least once. So i ask you:

Revan is older than Bastila, and was Kreia's (in your case, Bastila's) padawan. How can that be? (A kid, being trained by a younger kid...? )

If Bastila is Kreia, how can she be on Telos and Malachor at the same time?

Just a question: You wouldn't happen to be a youtuber, would you? (have a youtube account). If you are, are you by any chance familiar with JediShemL's KotOR videos?

Oh, and welcome to LF.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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