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Ashtin didn't stop running as he followed Moxie's scent. Quickly he darted to his right down a driveway and into some ones back yard. Jumping over fences he could feel every nerve begin to burn as the sun began to slowly rise. The sun rising would mark his death, in a burning rage of painful fury.

This isn't good... her house better be soon. he thought to himself with slight discomfort.

Then suddenly he stops. He stopped so abruptly that the wind that was following in his wake pasted be him quickly, pushing his hair and cloths forward. Moxie's scent was strong here. He could feel her near by to where he was standing. His eye drift over to the ground to gaze upon a door. He hopped beyond everything that his sense of smell didn't lead him wrong.

"Moxie? You there?" Ashtin said as he started to bang on the door, with a great sense of ergency in his voice.

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