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John shook his head and started walking to his car.

"I'll follow you guys, just try not to go too slow this time Sonya."


Koran ran through the neighborhood as quickly as he could. Bullets were sailing all around him as another vampire was chasing him. He continued through the streets, making his way through the homes as quickly as his legs would allow him. Suddenly he caught the smell of the other vampire and took off towards that, but not to fight. No this time he hoped the two vampires would fight each other instead. The smell was right near him now, he turned his head and saw the vampire with a girl. He gave a loud howl to alert all three that he was there.

Jericho cornered the werewolf in front of some home. He looked up to see Moxie and Ashwin. He kept his guns pointed at the werewolf.

"Fancy running into you both here."
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