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Originally Posted by Haggis View Post
I just got my first Nintendo DS a few days ago, bundled with the first Professor Layton game. I'm enjoying it immensely, but it's not a traditional point-and-click adventure game. The story is actually played out by itself, and all you do as a player is solve puzzles - not adventure game puzzles, but the kind you would find in a puzzle/riddle book (like 'move one match to change 4 cubes into 3', maze puzzles, logic puzzles, things like that). I'd say that if you like those kind of puzzles, you'll like Professor Layton as well. If you just like adventure games, you wouldn't necessarily enjoy Professor Layton.
Sounds good enough for me. Still like the original point and click adventures though. They never get old.

Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
Ditto on The Last Express.

I also liked Discworld Noir and Simon The Sorcerer 1.
Ive never played Simon the Sorcerer 1. or any of them. Love disc world!!! Dont like the 2nd.


My new list outside of Lucasarts:

2.Police Quest
3.Police Quest 2
4.Liesure Suit larry

And just for you Ascovel:

5. Frantic Franko

Cant wait till the full version is released.

My new LA top 5:

1. Day of the Tentacle
2. MI2
4. Full Throttle
5. Loom

And if I put a sixth it would be Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. Loom was right on the edge of being sixth. I like all LA Games and its to hard to choose a top 5.  72528
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