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Ashtin turned his head to see Jericho standing by him with his guns drawn. Peering over Jericho's shoulder he could see the werewolf charging at them. This wasn't what he wanted right now, what he wanted was to be some place dark. His nerves started feel more on fire the longer he stayed outside as the sun continued to rise slowly. The sun thankfully seemed to be rising unusally slowly this morning. Shacking his head Ashtin didn't have time to worry about the werewolf or Jericho.

Ashtin knew that once the sun rose the werewolf would take on its human form again, making him less dangerous to the community around. Standing there feeling greatly uncomfortable he looked over at Jericho.

"We should do something to slow him down and stop him. He can't be allowed to reach Moxie." He said in a whisper to Jericho.

Looking over at Moxie he placed his hand gently upon her shoulder and gave the best smile he could. Which wasn't anything special, and greatly difficult for him. Ashtin figured by the urgency in her voice earlier she could tell that being outside with the sun rising was uncomfortable for him so he did his best to show that he was alright.

"Go inside and lock the door until I say it is safe." He said to Moxie.

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