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"No!! No! I can't let anything happen to you nor Jericho, Ashtin! You... darn it!"

Ashtin listened to her for a moment allowing his thoughts to swirl around her words. His eyes never left contact with hers. He allowed her to see his crimson eyes looking deep into hers. With his hands still lightly on her shoulders he let out a soft sigh. She was so innocent, and yet he could feel that she was deeply hurt by something.

"You don't have a choice..." he said to her as he pushed Moxie back into her house and shut the door, breaking off the door knob on his side.

Turning Ashtin now faced the charging werewolf and threw the door knob onto the ground. He had to come up with a plan quickly, or Jericho would. Either way his exit strategy had to stay clear. Ashtin slightly turned his head towards Jericho and gave a slight grin.

"Got any ideas?" Ashtin said to Jericho.

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