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"You don't have a choice..."

And with that, Ashtin pushed her inside. Moxie fell on the soft carpet floor, and looked at the closed door, stunned. She could hear the doorknob break from the outside.

Running by the door, Moxie banged on it. "Ashtin! Please! Don't do this!" She breathed, bowed her head, and closed her tearful eyes. "Be careful..." she whispered.

Hopefully, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Marie weren't awoke yet to hear the commotion. That was a relief. Moxie then glanced around the basement, trying to find anything suitable if the Werewolf ever did come inside...


"I'll follow you guys, just try not to go too slow this time Sonya."

Sonya glanced back at John and winked. "don't worry, big guy. I won't."

She could see that the Sun was almost up. "Geez, how long were we up?" Sonya thought to herself.

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