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[TSL] Dark Side, Post-Droid Intelligence Access to the Ithorian Docking Bay?

I'm playing through The Sith Lords, Dark Side Male; I've already surrendered the droid intelligence to Czerka, making Chodo Habat unresponsive to any attempts at dialogue. I'm attempting to obtain the prototype shield unit from the Ithorian docking bay, but the Ithorian at the door won't allow me access, and I can't get any help from Habat (he won't speak to me), the Exchange (Luxa and Slusk are both dead), nor Jana Lorso (I've already quelled the mercenary uprising and been granted access to the Czerka docking bay to reach the planet's surface, and all I can ask her about now is how she feels about the Ithorians).

All that's left to do for the main plot is, as far as I can tell, to leave Citadel Station and journey to Telos' surface. However, I'd like to get as much experience, credits and alignment points as possible, and that means doing some work for Lieutenant Grenn and Sanham Dobo. As I said, I'm currently trying to complete the smuggling sidequest. Is there any other way into the Ithorian docking ring, apart from the ways I mentioned above that I no longer have access to? If not, what is the giveitem code for the Ithorian shield unit? I can't seem to find it via Google, nor in the Master Item List given in the KSE - but it must have one, right?

Speedy help would be most appreciated.
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