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Ashtin stood there and watch Jericho attack the werewolf. He grits his teeth as his fist tighten making his nails dig into his skin causing his palms to bleed. Now Ashtin has a choice to make, either follow after Jericho and the werewolf or let his self preservation take over. He wasn't to fond of the idea of dying just yet so with a frustrated sigh he ran over to the basement door hoping Moxie was still near it.

"Moxie, go to the front door. Let me in through there." he said in a slight whispered tone.

Ashtin ran towards the front and jumped over a fence like it was nothing. There was a slight rush every time he had to jump at any height. He more than anything enjoyed the feeling of being able to fly, even if it was only for a moment. Turning the corner of the house tightly he dug his fingers into the ground digging up some of the grass as he took the sharp turn. Once he reached the front door he tapped on it softly to let her know he was there.

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