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I rode the train into Chicago a few days back to spend the weekend with a friend of mine and when I got there her roommate had just started watching Twlight. Courtney, my friend, suggested that we watch it solely for the purpose of making fun of the movie.

Holy **** it sucked.

First off, it had horrible acting. Everyone in the room had done theater and we all agreed (even the legit Twlight fans that were there) that the only decent actor was the main character's father.

Edward, the main vampire, is a pansy who doesn't stop whining.

The only "cool" vampires who aren't completely mentally retarded are the villains, and even they don't make up for the rest of the film.

The entire movie was filmed with a bland, green tint to all the colors, akin to The Matrix.

Ten minutes of the movie consists of Vampires playing baseball in a thunderstorm.

The ending was completely predictable.

I could go on, but I feel like I need to stop because I don't want to think about this movie any longer. I will say that the film did have a pretty impressive soundtrack and the cinematography was above average. Don't waste your time with this movie, unless you legitimately want to know what it is you've been making fun of.

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