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Bastila is the exile! At least I'm trying that out in this playthrough of TSL. Actually it works pretty well. I'm not serious about Star Wars cannon here, but hey, it's fun to play TSL as her. There are a few problems I run into but most can be explained away. Of course that Bastila/Exile would have to lose connection to the force twice. Here's a scenario:

1. Bastila as the exile had powerful force connections to influence people. Battle meditation was just one manifestation of that gift.
2. Bastila was the first jedi reprogramming experiment (before Revan). After being expelled, she regained power, so out of fear the council decided to erase her memory and use her gifts for narrow purposes... battle meditation.
3. Jedi council used Bastila. They narrowly trained her force connections gift to only use battle meditation (which she learned so "surprisingly fast").
4. Bastila actually lost connection the force a second time, when on board the star forge. Everyone else was consumed by the dark powers after Revan left. but her ability to detach herself from the force allowed herself to survive. (kotor1 dark side ending)
5. Revan had a special interest in the exile, but wouldn't kill her when she left the war. Revan watch Bastila for a very long time. Perhaps some sort of force bond was already made.
6. Regardless, when it was Revan's turn to be captured, Bastila had no problem force bonding with Revan to get the memories. I ask, why did a padawon get the responsibility to force bond with Revan for the memory wipe? If the council could decide they would have picked someone else more strong and firmly planted in the light side.

Thoughts? I'm not saying that she really is the exile... but hey, it could work, at least almost.

There are not too many ingame instances where people would react differently if it was Bastila, and not just some non-Bastila exile. The Jedi council was full of deception, so they would act the same. HK-47 was reprogrammed to forget her. But Mandalore should have remembered her. That would take a little possible suspension of logic. (but not impossible to explain away). I forget some of the other problems at the moment.

Any other inconsistencies we could explain away?

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