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Originally Posted by Parmenides View Post
Thoughts? I'm not saying that she really is the exile... but hey, it could work, at least almost.
The game is yours to play as you wish, however if your going to post such things on boards, be prepared for it to be ripped to shreds;

No it can't work, if you want to play as the Exile as Bastila that is your own prerogative, but not only are you ignoring cannon you are ignoring a couple of big fat massive stinking facts from in both games. The Exile was Exiled before the Jedi Civil War - i.e. he had been wandering in Exile while Bastila, Revan et al where cruising around fighting Malak. Bastila is also too young to be the Exile, and finally Bastila didn't go to war to fight in the Mandalorian Wars - where as the Exile did. So year apart from those two massive galaxy sized inconsistencies it works

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