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GWL 1v1 Hero v Villian - No Force/No Block Duel Prize Tournament

Global Warfighter League is proud to host a
Star Wars Battlefront 2
1v1 Hero v Villian - No Force/No Block Duel Prize Tournament for PC

Registration will open: October 5, 2009 (REGISTRATION NOW OPEN)
Registration will close: October 18, 2009
Tournament will begin: October 19, 2009

1st Place: $175 Postal Money Order (17+) or Best Buy Gift Card or giftcard
2nd Place: $50 Postal Money Order (17+) or giftcard
3rd Place: $25 giftcard

Door Prize: Logitech 910-001259 10 Buttons Tilt Wheel USB Wired Mouse
The format for this tournament will be single elimination, winner takes all. A qualifier round will be conducted to determine seating and who makes it into the first official round. There is no skill point requirement for this tournament so any player may join.

More Info and Tournament Announcement

Tournament Information and Rules

Tournament Overview
This tournament will be a 1v1 Hero v Villian No Force/No Block Duels Prize Tournament. All matches will take place in the designated area in the Arena on Mos Eisley. Players compete against each other in HvV Duel Style fights in the Arena. Each match will consist of 2 rounds, each round is to 10 kills. Sides are randomly generated, players must play first round with side they are assigned then switch sides at round switch. Score will be reset to 0-0 for round 2, at the end of both rounds kills are totalled and highest number of kills wins. Please review rules for character restrictions, match format, tie breaker rules and score reporting.

Tournament Registration Sign Up
To register for the 1v1 Hero v Villian - No Force/No Block Duel Prize Tournament, players can go to their GWL "Player Profile" page and click the button and select the 1v1 Hero v Villian - No Force/No Block Duel Prize Tournament. Players can also join by clicking the button from the 1v1 Hero v Villian - No Force/No Block Duel Prize Tournament information page linked above. All players must have an active/current registered SWBF2 NAME GUID at GWL (name you play with online). Players can manage their SWBF2 NAME GUID through their "Player Profile" page.

Tournament Rules
Rules for the tournament beyond the overview description above can be accessed via the button on the tournament information page linked above.

Tournament Maps
The map for this tournament will be Mos Eisley - Arena/Hangar Area only. Playable area described in rules.

Good Luck to all players!!! ...and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ALL READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THE RULES COMPLETELY! If you have any questions.. don't hesitate to post in our forum.

Legal stuff
If you are under the age of 18, you must have legal guardian or parental consent before participating in this GFAQs sponsored event hosted by Global Warfighter. By registering, you hereby affirm that you are 18 or older, OR that you have received legal guardian or parental consent to participate in this event. In order to receive prize money orders or gift certificates, event winners must disclose personal/accurate email information to [GFAQ]RobPA. This information will ONLY be used for prize distribution. Submitting FALSE registration information, cheating and/or using multiple accounts will forfeit any winnings.

While this event is hosted by Global Warfighter, this tournament is sponsored by the GAMEFAQS Clan.


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