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GWL 2v2 Space Dogfighting Tournament

We still have competition for the PC version of SWBF2 and still promote the SWBF2 game at Global Warfighter. If you want to rank yourself against the best in the game, you'll want to be a part of our competitive events. Our latest is a 2v2 Space Tournament for PC.

GlobalWarfighter League is proud to host a
Star Wars Battlefront 2
2v2 Space Dogfighting Tournament for PC

Registration will open: October 5, 2009
Registration will close: October 18, 2009
Tournament will begin: October 19, 2009

The format for this tournament will be single elimination, winner takes all. A qualifier round will be conducted to determine seating and who makes it into the first official round. There is no skill point requirement for this tournament so any team may join.

Tournament Announcement

Tournament Information and Rules

Tournament Overview
Two teams of 2 will compete against each other in a Space Dogfighting format. Switching sides after first round. First team to 150 points wins that round. Please review rules for ship restrictions, match format, tie breaker rules and score reporting.

Tournament Registration Sign Up
To register for the 2v2 Space Dogfighting Tournament, teams leaders/co-leaders can go to their GWL "Team Profile" page and click the button and select the 2v2 Space Dogfighting Tournament. Team leaders/co-leaders can also join by clicking the button from the 2v2 Space Dogfighting Tournament information page linked above. All players must have an active/current registered SWBF2 NAME GUID at GWL (name you play with online). Players can manage their SWBF2 NAME GUID through their "Player Profile" page.

Tournament Rules
Rules for the tournament beyond the overview description above can be accessed via the button on the tournament information page linked above.

Tournament Maps
The map for this tournament will be randomly generated for each round.

Good Luck to all players!!! ...and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ALL READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THE RULES COMPLETELY! If you have any questions.. don't hesitate to post in our forum.

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