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Star Wars: Legacy of Hope

Star Wars: Legacy of Hope

137 ABY... 8 months after the Sith-Imperial war

The Sith Empire is finally gone. A new time of rejoice is celebrated around the Galaxy. Thanks to the help of the GA, the Jedi, Roan Fel's empire, and those faithful of defeating the Sith, the Galaxy can be at peace.

But for the moment...

A new threat has risen. He calls himself the Dark Master. But he is also known as Darth Sethos. This Sith Lord is the survivor of the fallen Sith Order. He overthrew Roan Fel by having one of his spies as an Imperial Knight. Now, he claims the throne on Coruscant. He also has followers, called the Shadow Dwellers. No one can stand against him. None but one...

Cade Skywalker, along with loved ones and friends, might rise up to help the Galaxy. But now, they're pirating for goods, having adventure, and trying to keep assassins off their backs...
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