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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post

I hate to break it to you but your whole theory is based on that Bastila had her mind wiped out by the Jedi Masters ,....which did not happen.
Of course my theory is based upon that premise! And of course it didn't happen in cannon! I'm not interpreting cannon. I'm just coming up with a backstory that can be made to work, although nothing in Cannon said it is impossible, if anyone wanted a Bastila TSL playthrough. Infact, it can be made to work really well.

The biggest issue is that Cannon ends KOTOR1 with a light side male Revan. Obviously that would have problems when Carth is talking to Bastila. But if Revan goes darkside, then the theory(more like a chosen scenario) can fit surprisingly well.

As for contradicting dialogues, there really isn't much. The dialogue with Mandalore is sort of awkward. And there are a few statements here and there that are awkward. It takes a little bit of subjective interpretation of statements, but it's not that bad. Sometimes you have to fill in the blanks as to why certain things weren't mentioned if the exile were indeed Bastila. I can't recall any conversations horrible to the "theory" though.

I know it's somewhat silly.... like saying that Palpatine in Star Wars movies is just the 100th clone of some ancient Sith Lord. All I'm saying is that you can play through TSL as Bastila with little to none suspension of logic.
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