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Originally Posted by cire992 View Post
Light Side Male Revan is canon. You don't play as Bastila or anyone who looks remotely like her in TSL. Bastila sided with the Council in the Mandalorian Wars. You're grasping at air, but I'm glad people still have imagination these days.
Mods of course can make you look like her.

Perhaps bastila and others were told she was against the Mandalorian Wars? Revan thought he was a republic soldier after all and came from that planet, forget the name.

Originally Posted by cire992 View Post
You're grasping at air
I'm not coming up with the most accurate story or the best explanation. I'm coming up with something that COULD work for fun.

And yes, Revan was light side male, yadda yadda. But he isn't when I play through talking to Atton.
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