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Ashtin couldn't help but laugh a little at her words. It was funny to him how humans would become so formal when they willingly invited a vampire into they're home. It was one of those quirks about them that he guessed they couldn't get over. But certainly they didn't invite friends in like that, or that would just prove a little more rediculous.

"You don't have to be so formal about it. Just pretend I'm your friend." He told her still laughing a little. "You have anyplace I can sleep? I'm getting rather tired."

It was different being in a human home, it was so much brighter. In a way it kind of hurt just to be in here as the day was coming closer to full life. As he walked by her Ashtin turned around and looked at her. His hands were in his front pockets, as his crimson eyes traced over her. Ashtin couldn't help but wonder how she tasted. He still wanted to know if she was a sweet treat, or something else.

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