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Moxie rubbed her neck nervously after she thought about that last part about him. Suddenly, she heard Ashtin's voice break the awkward silence.

"Alright, that will do for now."

The young girl smiled, and nodded. Then she noticed that he was waiting on her to lead the way to the attic. "Oh! Right. Follow me..." And with that, she began to walk towards the direction of the attic. After coming through the second floor, and towards a door next to her room, Moxie opened it.

The attic led upwards with stairs. To her, it was kinda creepy to go up there. Even by yourself. But Ashtin was a Vampire. He could take care of himself. But if he needed any help... she'd be there to help him.

Moxie turned and looked at Ashtin. "Well'p. Here we are, at the attic. I'm pretty sure you'll be safe up there." She smiled.
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