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Sleep. It was the best thing anyone could have nowadays. Lyna Honso slept in the co-pilot's seat in the cockpit. The young woman was glad that the war was over. That the Sith were gone. That the Galaxy was now in peace...

As she slept, her little binjinphant pet and friend, Cyan, jumped on her lap. Lyna awoke with a slight stir. She looked down, and saw Cyan on her lap. The little female binjinphant let out a friendly squeal. Lyna chuckled warmly.

"Hey there, gal. What'cha doing?" she asked.

Cyan stood on her little hind legs, and began to lick Lyna on the face. "Ha ha! Okay, okay, Cyan. I'm up." Lyna looked at the view. They were still in hyperspace, heading towards Socorro. There, they were going to get some goods and hangout there for a bit. But to Lyna... Socorro was a scary place.

Lyna patted Cyan's black and white fur sadly. "Oh, Cyan. Why Socorro? Why? If the Bloody Bones hurt us... then again... Cade can handle them again. Right?"

Cyan squealed with agreement. The young woman smiled. "Yeah. You're right." Lyna looked back up at the many stars that past by their VCX-700 ship.
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