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Originally Posted by Deadshot#1 View Post
He's just a gungan, what else can i say?
So Lucas invents an entire species of alien that is made up entirely of morons?

On the contrary, the movie leads us to believe it's only Jar Jar. He was banished from his society for his "clumsiness." He caused some property damage with his antics, and (according to the original script or novel, I can't remember which), he was going to be executed by being beaten to death if he ever returned (the movie renders it "punished").

Compare this to the situation with the Ewoks. Sure, as a society they are portrayed as primitive and superstitious (even though they get the job done), but compare Wickett (the little brown Ewok played by Warwick Davis who finds Leia unconscious). He's a clumsy little twerp (like a kid who's playing at being a warrior). The rest of the Ewoks aren't really slapstick characters, just him.

The question critics have had is, did Lucas have in mind certain racially insensitive stock characters (stereotypes) when he created Jar Jar Binks (like "Stepin Fetchit" who incidentally was played by a black actor who, I hear, defended it to his dying day; see a movie like "Bamboozled" for details on the Minstrel Show phenomenon). We may never know for sure.

To me, the character was simply unnecessary, over-the-top, and annoying. I think he did it because he thought kids (in 1999) wouldn't like the movie otherwise. Which is a bit odd if it's true, because he tried to defend the backslash from fans that it was "only a kids movie." (Or at least that's the excuse I heard most often, if it didn't originate with Lucas himself).

I personally think when Lucas adopted kids after his divorce, that changed his film making (for the worse). They were mostly grown by the time of Episode III, so the effect was reduced.

On second thought, I suppose Boss Nass seems like a bit of an idiot (the mind trick works on him, so that means he's "weak minded" like the Stormtroopers, right?), he makes Jar Jar a GENERAL (in a long tradition of awarding field commissions to unqualified people in Star Wars?), and that thing he does with spit flying from his jowels looks pretty silly. But compared to Jar Jar, he's a well-mannered genius.

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