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Stuck on nar shadda and having another huge problem! [SPOILER]

I got 2 issues, for one im stuck on nar shadda so ill start with that.

I play lightside, Jedi consular lvl19 and nao im Jedi master lvl5 also, I have done everything that you possibly can do on nar shada but there is a teeny tiny issue.
I entered a room were the exchange were harrasing someone who havent payeda debt to them, this was in the main area of narshada (not docks or regufe place or anything)

Then when i told them not to harm him they started attacking me (ofc) and at that time Atton started talking about something on the comm (which eventually leads u back to ebon hawk and then further to GoTo's ship) but since we were fighting the dialouge disappeared before i could answer, and now i can't seem to get him to start it again.

Then there is a second issue, it was like this when i played the game as dark side aswell, for some reason i believe it starts at korriban.
When ure about to leave the sith academy you face darth sion, but i cannot fight or run from him since he keeps killing me and my partymembers with 1 blow.

as darkside i eventually after many tries managed to run away from him and out of the academy, then further into the game whenever i met a dark jedi they 1hit me and my companions with lightsaber attacks.

You can see my frustration in this.

Anyone have a solution to any of my problems? Because with both of them i cannot complete the game...

Thanks in advance, may the force be with me O.o
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