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Ashtin followed Moxie through her house up to the second floor. He noticed that the steps up to the attic moaned a little as he placed his body weight upon them. Keeping his distance from Moxie, Ashtin watched her with great interest. He couldn't help but lick his lips as they continued up to the attic, his hunger had grown that was obvious. But now wasn't the time to feed, and he wouldn't feed upon her. Once they reached the attic she turned and spoke with a smile upon her face. That smile almost seemed to draw him closer to her. Slowly he raised his hand and placed it upon her cheek.

"Thank you. Now you look tired. You should try to get some rest as well." He spoke softly to her as he lowered his hand and started walking around the attic.

Ashtin reaches the side of the room and notices that this part of the floor bends under his weight more then anywhere else. Kneeling down he pulls up the loose boards and placed them down to the side quietly. He looked at the hole, it seemed big enough to hold him. Sliding into the hole he created he started to pull the boards back over him to give himself some shelter, and possibly allow him to hide if anyone comes looking up in the attic.

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