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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
Alora's Salvation
Shuttle Atlantis

Set in Jedi Academy II: Having been defeated yet again, Alora contemplates changing her future

Considering how most of the Dark, Jedi, Sith, Reborn whatever act, this is a refreshing change. To consider that maybe you had wasted your life and needed to find another path is something you expect of a Jedi or any real person.

Good work, and welcome to the forum.
This story has been retitled 'Imperfect Destiny' I REALLY don't know how to change the title of a thread here. Someone please help.

I actually wasnít trying to make Alora much different from other dark Jedi. Iíve seen a number of characters who go out and become monsters, realize what theyíve done, and then come crawling back with regret. In the game, Alora shows nothing to indicate she might want to become a Jedi. Sheís arrogant, self absorbed, and ruthless.

Iíve changed the plot, but I want to keep the character the same. She is going back to help the Jedi, but she does not intend to join them. She helps them because their interests cooincide. Another element of the plot Iíve changed is that the Jedi do not know that Tavion intends to revive Ragnos until Alora tells them.

To reflect the title, I'm having Alora meet with several plot-changers which don't end up as she anticipated. For the next chapter, she'll rest easy at the end only to have an unfortunate complication in the next chapter lead to an unfortunate turn of events. Some of these 'imperfect' destinies may be for better or for worse.

Thanks for the review.
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