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Originally Posted by Neino Ranatos View Post
Hey guys. I encountered a problem in the mod.
When Shadow[Matilda] passes out in the tunnels on Korriban's catacombs under the czerka residential module and she goes into her first-time-on-Orion flash back, as soon as she is done talking to the Arkanian guy after he says he will give her her a tour,
the game crashes. The game crashes at this point every time it seems. I have the Revan robes with the flowing cape fix but I don't see how it would affect that section of code. Maybe it will, but its odd. I didn't update the game before installation of the mod, is that what is causing it? In my game Shadow's sith uniform has the wrong mdoel strangely..that might be the cause. Again, ideas?
I am having a similar problem, although my screen just stays black and I can access the menu shortcuts in the top right of the screen (even though they are not visible). The only mods I have installed are Make Carth/Mission a Jedi by RedHawke, the robes from 90SK, and Super Skip Taris. When I try loading from another part of the game, screen stays black as well, but I can still hear dialogue and other noises like gun shots, footsteps, etc. I have the BoSSR patch, but not the KOTOR game patch.

Besides that, great work on the mod. I had a lot of fun playing all the earlier parts, hopefully you'll come out of retirement soon and make some sequels or other great mods like this.
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