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Originally Posted by Godric Volturi View Post
^^ Revan is canonically a male... >.>
Okay... how about this? Canonical LSM ending. Some members of the Council still find it hard to believe Revan has forever shunned the Sith. So when he goes haring off to the Unknown Regions, and doesn't return, they assume the worst. Revan and Bastila have not made their officially-discouraged-by-the-Jedi affection for each other a secret, so when Revan disappears Bastila is vulnerable to the conservatives on the Council (or masquerading Dark Siders) who use the opportunity of his disappearance to weaken pro-Revan sentiment by kicking Bastila out of the Jedi and cutting off her connection to the Force as well (who wants an angry ex-Jedi with Battle Meditation wandering around?)
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