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Jack Adelt was walking through the corridors of the EMF base he was stationed at, thinking about his mission, under the ledgendary Master Sergeant Null. He was dressed in his armor, except for the helmet, to be sure if the Plaque arrived early. He had not spoken to his family for years, maybe now, that they would possibly die would be the time. But he kept delaying it, soon he would be out of time. He shook these thoughts off as he entered General Resnik's office, completley ignoring the secretary's pleads. Inside was a man dressed in similar armor as he, except for the green lines on his own, signifying that it was from the EMF, and two others, the general, and a captain. He saluted and said:

"Sergeant Jack Adelt reporting for duty. I was told to come here for briefing." He looked at Null. "I presume you are Master Sergeant Null, my commander for this mission?"

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