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Evans whistled quietly to himself as Null walked in. "Speak of the devil." He said aloud.

"And the Devil shall appear, Mark." General Resnik replied.

"General Resnik, I apologize for my interruption but I need to speak with you asap. I'm Master Sergeant Null sir. I've just spoken to the higher ups and from the looks of it they want to send the entire army in an all out assault where all I can see is more deaths than kills for us. I trust you got my request about sending myself and 11 others rather than the whole army. I'm going to cut to the chase here sir...we're going to capture a Plague cruiser."

"You've got your green light, Null." Resnik replied. "I managed to cut through some of the bull**** earlier and while the Joint Chiefs listen to me, it takes a while for me to bend their ears towards me." He smiled. "That being said I got it arranged."

Before Evans could say anything, the door walked open and a man wearing a suit of armor sans helmet walked in.

"Sergeant Jack Adelt reporting for duty. I was told to come here for briefing." He looked at Null. "I presume you are Master Sergeant Null, my commander for this mission?"

"I wasn't aware this was where the briefing was?" Evans said dryly to the General. "Something that... slipped your mind Bill?"

"That's General, now Evans." General Resnik looked at the assembled men. "I think we have three or four people left to get here."

((Cyborg, since this is going to be the briefing, you can take Resnik))

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