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sorry for resurrecting this thread... i've mainly used the class boba_fett for most of none stock npcs such as goku and hinu but once they're on that class they can't be killed... try it and you'll see.

... so there's no point in setting a new char w/ boba_fett class to fight with and kill.. i'm thinking of the script used for the singleplayer mission for boba fett where he suddenly become killable when u've set up all the bombs ~ it's either :

-his class had changed (certainly not class boba_fett"
-or there is a trigger that changed him to a rocket trooper when at 1 hp

just discovered this by accident:
Originally Posted by EffJi View Post
Is it possible?

I've tried giving him a class_rockettrooper (to get a jetpack) but that way: He sucks. He can't aim, he can't burstfire, he doesn't use the rocket laucher or flamethrower.

Is there a way to make him killable and keep his Boba Fettness?
tested this and i hope i can post some vid in my next repost/edit.

1. use the singleplayer npc spawn boba_bobafettalternateduplicatenpc (you still can't kill your custom class boba_fett npc)
2. use playermodel jedi;playermodel jedi_hm head_a1 torso_a1 lower_a1 or a similar cheat
3. now the fight can now end in a more dramatic pure boba fett death

ps.: npc kill all method sucks coz it can kill a referree npc as well :S

*&^%&^!!!! forgot to tell that it won't work if the boba_fett npc copy has similar playerteam team_enemy & playerenemy team_player configurations (similar to boba_fett)... i've tested it to be working on a playerenemy team_enemy to be killable XD

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