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Ok. To be clear on the old bat thing, I meant kreia, not the zombie .
The other part seems solid, but wouldn't she notice that she (assuming its a she) notice that she had battle meditation? Thats supposed to be rare, right?
Also, wouldn't she start getting bits and pecies of the past in her dreams, like revan?I know she isn't as powerful (debatable) but shes pretty good.
Im not trying to flare the idea, just why would you want to play it as bastila? The story's awkward, and confusing at the same time.

I just think there are diffrent mysteries that are at large, rather than talking about bastila being exile. Sure its plasuible, but it would seem unusual that bioware and obsidian are using a cliches like that. Bastilas a main character in kotor 1. Shes not some reuseable side character. Obsidian wouldn't use her as exile.

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