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Basic mods for Xbox

Hello, looks like I'm a few years late to the scene, but I love playing this game. I want to do some simple mods, like change ammo, reload speed, character health, number of AI enemies, stop the hero health drain, etc. No new content, just static editing of values. After extensive searching, my impression is that some people think Xbox BF2 modding is possible, but it never gets beyond theoretical discussion, and I have found no mods to download.

What are my options? (Please no facetious answers)

I've downloaded the BF2 mod tools, which mention Xbox very, very briefly. It would be OK with me to re-munge all the stock maps with the edits I want, if that would work.

I'm not afraid to dig into hex, since I've done it before with old Sega ROMs to do things like infinite health, higher jump, etc. Most of the things I'm looking to change would probably just be a matter of setting one value in memory. The only trick is finding the addresses. I don't know how to get realtime hex / memory data from the Xbox. I also don't know how I would find the right addresses in a giant map data file for the level (while it is not being played).

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