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1) Sure.
2) Sure.
3) The directory structure looks very similar. My Xbox is modded, and BF2 is on the HDD, accessed by FTP (my BF2 disc has spent the last few years sitting on a shelf). There is no need for a mod folder. Whatever ultimate format the stock content is compiled to, the values I'm looking for are deterministically located in the existing files. The task is to find them. In looking at the Mod Tools, I was hoping to get some awareness of the structure and layout of game data, if not direct Xbox compatibility.

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As far as HexEditing the Xbox version Just no. I have NEVER heard of anyone being able to hack a console game actually on the console.
There are many, many trainers for the Xbox that do exactly this. I haven't found one for BF2 though. There's a utility that can poke values in Halo 2 in real time, for example changing a projectile you have just fired into a different projectile in midair. But its creators are secretive. The point is, it's possible.

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