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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
-Nar Shaddaa:
Famous for extreme glitches. Try to ONLY do good deeds OR bad deeds, because a mixture will screw it all up.
Near the pazaak Den is a small mouse-guy who can increase/decrease reputation with the Exchange for a hefty fee. He could possibly help.

A cutscene is supposed to play that shows you and the group running away since you can't beat Sion.

Have you tried to patch the game? Or tried some mod-patches? It sounds like a serious bug which had nothing to do with the way you play. can supply some fixes...together with other sites.

Well that is not the problem, i actually had to put invunerability on , broke my cheat free streak T_T to get to the cutscene ure talking about, but without it i cannot possibly get to it since i keep getting killed with 1 stroke from anyone with a lightsabre... like realistic mode is set to 1 or sumthing. Gonna try patch it up if i havent done that though and see if the problem will be solved, ty for the tip
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