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"You're crazy!" Deck barked. "You asking me to go on a suicide mission!"

"As I have already explained before." The officer replied. "But you're lucky to have been given such an acception. It sure does beat spending your days behind a cell."

"You kidding? I'd prefer that, then boarding a Plague Cruiser. When you see them in battle, its complete bloodshed. Odds of survival against are acceptionally low."

"Do you think you really have a choice?" the Officer retorted. He stood up, and took from his briefcase an Injection Gun. He walked over towards Deck. "This mission is mandatory - for humanity's sake. If we are able to steal a Plague Cruiser from the enemy, then we can learn more about them! The study of their technology will help increase our chances against them."

He sunk the needle into the side of Deck's neck. He pulled the trigger, to unleash a micro ship into his system. "You will be monitored during the course of this mission. Any extreme mishaps from you and you wont live to say "I hate this job"
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