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1) I was not being condescending. Read around the rest of the forum, and you'll see condescension in copious quantities.

2) Believe it or not, I do know slightly more about official modding than you do. If you wanted to change things like ammunition, reload time, or health, you wouldn't remunge a whole map. You'd simply edit the side files to your specifications, munge them, and replace the LVL files from the game with the ones from your mod.

For AI, you would have to remunge the map. However, since the ones that the ModTools knows how to munge and the ones from the Xbox version of the game are different, you'd end up with completely different maps.

The hero health drain is, I believe, hard-coded. You can add the hero as a unit, but that would require you to remunge the map. Things like the unit list are not going to be found in the LVL files.

The GameToast staff would know considerably more about it than I do, but if you don't know how to deal with perceived condescension, best if you stay away.

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It is LucasArts.
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