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Originally Posted by Slstoev View Post
Well i guess i didn't thought about it because I was thinking of Taris.Being the buildings more rounded.

My buildings/ towers are not round, they have a lot of hardedges, corners. Cause in my eyes that gives a bit more of an "aggresive" look, which I found would fit the Sith.

It might have something a bit of Tatooine, as my city is covered by a desert, but the main colour is orange/brown. Opposed to Tatooines main bright yellow.

There might look things a bit the same, though... I think it has enough of its own character to set it aside and closer to Korriban. Well that's what I'm aiming for.

Now, the renders, of course look a lot better then the game engine... well what we/ I can now do with the game engine.

Peeps, feel free to some comments, though give a bit of a reasoning why you post what you post. Like that I can take it into consideration or explain my thoughts behind it all better

Its mostly quiete clear where I want to steer this mod towards to, but for peeps watching it might be more confusing or just plain unclear. Of course I won't go and spill all the beans

Oh, to round it off, 2 new shots.
I've edited some Unknown world textures to fit in Korriban, just some minor tweaking, but I needed some more to colour in my city parts.

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