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((Ah, thanks, I don't really know much of Star Wars beyond the movies and a few of the games, and the first Darth Bane novel, so I have to rely on Wookieepedia for EU info.))

Austin heard of the strange news about Darth Sethos, it sounded pretty frightening, which is why he's usually he's not on Sethos' flagship, you never know what to expect. He got the news from one of his friends in the empire, then his friend "disappeared" shortly after.
Austin heard a beep from the navigation console.

"FH, how long until we land?" He asked.
FH-78 floated into the cockpit, "One minute sir," the droid answered.
"Alright, got the goods?" Austin asked.
"Uhm, 'goods' sir?" The droid asked.
"Ugh, the equipment we need to sell, remember." Austin answered.
"Yes, the equipment is ready and packed." FH answered.
"Good, dismissed." Austin said, then waited for the landing.

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