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Originally Posted by AceOfSpades View Post
I am having a similar problem, although my screen just stays black and I can access the menu shortcuts in the top right of the screen (even though they are not visible). The only mods I have installed are Make Carth/Mission a Jedi by RedHawke, the robes from 90SK, and Super Skip Taris. When I try loading from another part of the game, screen stays black as well, but I can still hear dialogue and other noises like gun shots, footsteps, etc. I have the BoSSR patch, but not the KOTOR game patch.

Besides that, great work on the mod. I had a lot of fun playing all the earlier parts, hopefully you'll come out of retirement soon and make some sequels or other great mods like this.
Nevermind, I just restarted my game and it started working. Now I'm at the part where you
play as the leader of the Brotherhood of Shadow (after Kobayashi dies).

Is there anyway I can get his armor and sword? I really like how they look.

Edit: Nvm, I was able to get his sword by using the giveitem cheat, but when I spawned his armor, it just looked like regular civilian clothes. I finished BoS and SR, and it was really great! I had fun the whole time. Now im getting the last star map, and I feel so bored...

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