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"We should really discuss about "team efficiency""

"How about discussing efficiency overall? You guys sure took your sweet time", Juno said as she looked at all of them get on the transport. She then did so herself.

"Mind telling us whats happened?"

"From what we gathered from one of the scientists in there, the enemy stole a high grade unison material designed to boost the linker core's capabilities of a person exponentialy. In other words, multiplying their power to incredible levels", Juno replied.

"We really need to get some intelligence work done, this has gone far enough. We need to search the database for any information on those people. Find out who they're related to and see if we can find the one responsible for pulling the strings", Illya said.

At that moment Pandora stood up from Shana's shoulder and floted around them.

"The man responsible is Doctor Hyman", Pandora said. At the mention of his name some of the other crew members, more specifically the medical aidees gasped. Asuza brought her hand to her face and frowned.

"If that's the case, we're in real trouble", Asuza said. "Doctor Hyman was banished from the FTSS for doing forbidden research. He was altering DNA to create soldiers infused with artificial magic through using the ancient artifacts. That's how he powers his creations. A few years ago one of them went berserk and killed an entire colony of settlers. Doctor Hyman faced court martial but he never was tried for it, his ship was supposedly lost when the Halgari Tribe invaded the Galgan System. Now it seems he's back", Asuza said sighing at the end.

"He wants to bring to life the greatest creation he has ever done", Pandora said.

Commander Carrington walked over to her and crossed her arms.

"And what is his greatest creation?", Terra asked.

"The warrior he called Z, Zeus", Pandora said.

"So he named it after the greek god", Terra said and Pandora nodded. "How powerful is he? How much damage are we talking about if he awakens?"

Pandora shruged.

"If everything goes according to Doctor Hyman's plan... we're talking about the end of the FTSS. Nothing would be able to stop it, not even all of us combined", Pandora said.

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