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Darth Sethos had finished his meditation, and his towering figure stood once again in the bridge. He did not encounter strange visions ever since meditation, and he had to wonder if meditation somehow stopped them from coming. He threw the thought away, knowing full well that simple meditation can never stop the strongest of Sith spirits. He stared out into Nar Shaadaa, anticipating the second coming of the visions.

This time, Sethos was not put into the body of another. He jumped straight to Triumph of the Dead. He shot lightning all over the bridge, incinerating tens of his crew.

"Set course. For. Sorocco. NOW!" Sethos shouted at all the people inside his bridge. They knew better than to disobey him, but one of them apparently was still learning the ropes. He shouted back at Sethos,
"But sir! We have some important matt-"

Sethos never let him finish. Now, The Malevolent One is set for Socorro.

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